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First, we share our Homewatch News contribution, ‘How To Rectify Kitec Plumbing In A Condo Before Closing‘. t’s always wise to do thorough research before any property purchase. Anticipating any potential problems and addressing them prior to purchase can help to alleviate any financial or emotional strain that you might encounter from existing problems. The existence of Kitec Plumbing in a Toronto condominium can very well be one of those problems, as there can be a hefty price tag attached for unsuspecting buyers. Kitec was a very popular material for plumbing installations during roughly 1995 and the late 2010s in Toronto. Kitec was originally touted as a sturdy, cost-effective material that was resistant to corrosion; it was later discovered that Kitec was defective. In fact, instead of standing up to corrosion, it actually accelerates the process. In this piece, we discuss how to deal with kitec if a home inspector comes across it! Our Homewatch Newsletters specifically isolate content from our informative blog and our growing social media presence on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter, that directly address the homeownership experience, particularly what follows after a completed real estate transaction: the ‘living’!

Each month we share the tale of what one of our buyers have recently purchased in our Home of The Month feature. In this installment, we share a tale about a particular rental client who came to us after having received notice that her landlord had sold her current place of residence. She engaged the Urbaneer team to guide her through two possible scenarios. The primary plan was to explore and evaluate properties currently worth purchasing that fit her wish list and budget.(her move date was quickly approaching), find something to rent for a year while she reconsidered her options or continued the search for her dream home! Check out the story here!

March’s installment of our Dear Urbaneer series is entitled, ‘Dear Urbaneer: What Is Biophilia And How Can I Use It In Home Design?‘  This time around, our astute reader is asking about Biophilia, which is becoming a major influence in the design world. “At work I’ve been hearing about the Biophilia movement, as my employer is trying to enhance our workspace visually and from a productivity standpoint. I don’t know a great deal about Biophilia, other than it hinges on the concept of bringing natural elements – like vegetation – indoors. Although apparently in a more permanent way than just putting out some potted plants. Can you share what this concept is all about? And if this can help me have a more serene environment at work, how can I incorporate these ideas into my home for similar effect?” Pop over to this piece for the answer!

As realtors, writers, and avid social media participants – not to mention lovers of all things real estate – our Urbaneer team shares a bunch of blogs each week. According to Urbaneer.com’s monthly statistics, our most read blog was ‘Before & After: A Builder Grade Toronto Condo Goes Back To Its Factory Roots‘. This piece focuses on the loft of a design duo who undertook a surface renovation to completely change the look and functionality of thier living space. The before and after photos make you acutely aware of the level of creativity, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail that was use to transform this garment factory loft!

The second most popular post was ‘Reverence For The University Of Toronto: An Important Canadian Institution‘.  At Urbaneer, we place great emphasis on eduaction – in all its forms! When it comes to Canadian icons, the University of Toronto represents one of our country’s most important foundations, and plays a distinctive part of Toronto’s landscape. As Canada’s oldest university, this important educational institution has long shaped minds for generations. Take a look at what we have to say here!

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