You may have heard stories of people renovating properties and discovering vintage newspapers or childhood mementos hidden in little alcoves, wall cavities or secret niches. In fact, it’s quite common when you’re renovating one hundred year old properties. Here’s a CUTE BLOG posting by Toronto’s Beauparlant Design where they recently found old clothing patterns and some 1914 newspapers during the demolition phase of a renovation.

But I would never have imagined discovering a vintage treasure while renovating my own Movie House loft. After all, this century building was gutted to the studs and converted into twenty live/work and commercial condominiums just twelve years ago. And yet, when I popped by this weekend to check on the progress, I discovered my contractor had left an old weathered photograph wedged in the thermostat for me to find.

There, a little worse for wear, was a wee black and white photograph of a little boy standing in front of a gigantic knarled tree.

I have no recollection of ever seeing this photo before and yet, to my astonishment, it’s me!


Sometimes renovating brings little surprises that make you Smile.

Like this one!

~ Steven

PS. Here’s a pic of Yours Truly standing before the mirrored niche in the lower level walk-in shower. I’m excited, for the shell is now complete and making pretty begins! Yea!


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