How I’m Navigating The Toronto Real Estate Market During The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Some years ago, I read a passage in a book that said: “I don’t know why so many people are afraid of change when it’s the only constant they’re assured in life”.

It flipped a switch in me.

As an awkward socially-conscripted introvert living behind highly performative masks, much of my day-to-day reality was spent partially paralyzed over my fear of change while unconvincingly pretending it wasn’t. But, after reading that book, I began to look at change like it was an adventure, and I decided that embracing it would invite me to live my best life. Another well-known chap expressed a similar sentiment:



Since then, I’m almost always on board to explore new things and take a risk simply by saying ‘Yes!’. And no, it didn’t result in a personality makeover. I’m still the introvert who’s prone to feeling the anxious, and waves of awkward still wash over me when I’m walking into unfamiliar social situations alone. However, I’m quick to share with people who see me looking like a deer caught in headlights that I’m doing my best to navigate my social anxiety. And, as it turns out, expressing that vulnerability usually opens the door for others to express empathy, kindness, and their own story. Being your authentic self invites others to be the same, even when it includes sharing your fear of the unknown.

Which – during a global pandemic – is more important than ever before.



As the world struggles to contain and eradicate COVID-19 – experiencing successes and failures in equal measure – what we understand about the pathogen continues to evolve. What we know for certain is that the way we live our daily lives, both domestically and professionally, will never be the same. There has been too much of a fundamental shift in our understanding of the world and its vulnerabilities to ever ‘go back’.

Given my ongoing relationship with change, I’m obsessed with how quickly the world is transforming (particularly in real estate) while we navigate this health crisis. This fascination is primarily what has inspired me to write so many blogs on the intersection of COVID-19 and Toronto Real Estate.

Sometimes I still feel a bit adrift, given we’re collectively charting a new course into the unknown, but I’m 51% optimistic (I’m a half glass full kind of guy), filled with gratitude (to be Canadian), and curious to see if society can emerge a better version of itself (starting with universal basic income).


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*Stay tuned for an upcoming post on how COVID-19 may influence the design of Toronto’s built environment, and the need to allow ‘live/work’ zoning in areas currently zoned ‘residential’ and ‘commercial’!*




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