Toronto, The City Of Neighbourhoods


I LOVE Toronto with its vibrant collection of 42 village neighbourhoods that evolved as different cultural groups immigrated to Canada beginning in the 1850s! What is fantastic, is each neighbourhood has its own flavour and vibe, which makes choosing the right one an exciting exploration for new residents. Above is a map of Toronto in 1894!

I know most every neighbourhood, both for my Canadian Social History Degree that focused on Toronto from 1860 to 1970 (along with an Urban Studies Degree that examined Gentrification in Toronto since the 1970s), and from my twenty+ years working as a realtor. This refined knowledge and practical experience serves my clients well, especially for those relocating from other cities or countries. With a one hour consultation I can pretty much peg those areas best suited for you!

Click HERE for one of my past newsletters called ‘Toronto, The City of Neighbourhoods’.

For this week’s Globe and Mail ad column, running most every Friday for the past 18 years, I decided to promote my current listings spread across the city core. Are you familiar with all these locations?

If you, or someone you know, needs assistance choosing the right location for a real estate purchase, please know I’m here to help!

~ Steven


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