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It’s Oscar season!! Is there anything more magical than a night out at the cinema? Especially now, as we navigate life in lockdown, we remember the “good old days” when you could venture out with friends and fam to the theatre, wait for the lights to go down and wait to be enlightened and entertained! Isn’t it funny how, these days, going to the movies seems like such a special treat, when we previously took them for granted?


In the months to come, when we get on the other side of lockdown living, won’t it be wonderful to see movies on the big screen again? When that day comes, I am putting a visit to Toronto’s top indie theatre, Revue Cinema, on my list.


*Revue Cinema in 1935 – Courtesy of


The Revue Cinema has stood its ground at 400 Roncesvalles Ave since 1912. Yes, 1912!! If walls could talk, can you imagine what the walls of this historic edifice would say? They’ve had a front-row seat to witness the evolution of an entire industry and media form!

Lights! Camera! Action!


*Revue Cinema in 1970 – Courtesy of


Check out this fascinating timeline to see the role that this neighbourhood gem has played over generations. Some highlights: in 1929, the theatre converts to talking motion pictures; during the Great Depression, the theatre remained robust as people were seeking affordable escapism; in the decades that followed the theatre established its reputation for being an art-house offering topical films to celebrate, entertain and provoke thought.

Today, the not-for-profit community cultural group is “dedicated to presenting programs which appeal to wide-ranging audiences of different age groups, diverse backgrounds and varying interests that reflect the ever-changing local community and the Greater Toronto Area”.

Their programming roster offers films from various genres, styles and topics, including independent, cultural, Canadian and documentary films, along with current and classic cinema. They even regularly host community events and school groups!

They made headlines when they premiered a new event and partnership in 2017: “Newcomers Family Cinema.” In association with the Roncesvalles Refugee Relief Organization, they launched the series with the aim of connecting Toronto’s newcomers with the community and with one another!


*Image courtesy of, with thanks.


The Revue Cinema has pivoted during the pandemic, to offer virtual screenings. You can see a list of what is being shown in April here, a roster that includes this year’s Oscar-nominated shorts!

And a bonus to make the viewing experience authentic?  They are offering their concession snacks for sale on the weekends via delivery or pick up so that you can nosh while you watch. I love that! They even have their own tasty IPA.

Despite the challenges faced by restrictions from COVID-19, they plan to re-open in 2021- no doubt to great fanfare from the local community!



Check out this article from the Globe and Mail about the Revue Cinema at the beginning of the pandemic last spring, entitled, “Independent Cinemas Face A Tough Road Ahead, But Closing Ours Was The Right Thing To Do“.

**Many thanks to Torontoist for the cinema exterior title image of this blog.


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