Toronto Development Company To Give Away 5 Penthouses For Free!

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Although appearing modest mid-construction, the crown jewel of Toronto’s waterfront transformation, The Midas Tower by A.F. Developments, made real estate history today. At a surprise press conference cleverly staged in what will be the grand lobby of their 31-storey luxury condo building, the company’s founder and CEO made an announcement that rocked international headlines: five 'Excelsior-Class' penthouse suites – having a market value of CAN$3.3 million dollars each – will be given away for FREE!


Photo courtesy of The Toronto Blog


Photo courtesy of DJCOregon


Photo courtesy of DJCOregon


Taking a page out of Willy Wonka’s recipe book, A.F. Developments will be stashing 5 golden tickets in three local newspapers across the GTA. That means that by the end of the month, as spring blooms, everything will be coming up roses for 5 incredibly lucky Torontonians!

Any one of us, by merely snatching a paper as we rush toward the subway, could be changing our lives forever – for FREE!



Yes, The Midas Tower – having just 112 unique urban homes – will be the first structure to be completely FICTIONAL! 


While the urbaneer team wish that A.F. (April Fools!) Developments and their ticket hunt did exist – and that luxury suites could be acquired by sheer luck – that’s simply not the world we live in.



At urbaneer, we know that golden tickets only exist in the imaginary world of Roald Dahl. Which is why the urbaneer team is committed to providing rational prudent informed advice to both Buyers and Sellers. Check out How Much Can I Afford? – one of our recent posts that illustrate how we can guide you to realize both the highest return on your real estate investment while ensuring it best serves your practical needs and dream of 'Home'. Or read how, in The Literal Sale, Literally, we set ourselves apart by utilizing creative, innovative, and truthful marketing, even when others might find it more profitable to mislead with April Fool's trickery every day of the year!

At urbaneer, our world of real estate hinges on the intangibles of trust, integrity and accountability. Which is why our mantra – earn your trust, then your business – is fundamental to every way we operate at

Happy April Fools Day!!

~ steven fudge & the urbaneer team

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(A special thanks to the use of our cover image courtesy of DJCOregon, with additional building images designed and rendered by LS-Architects)

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