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It’s no secret that your dog’s favourite activity is pretty much anything that involves you! My favourite activity with my four-pawed pal? Anything that keeps him happy and healthy!



While the raw diet has never appealed to me personally – a scoop of double chocolate ice cream is essential to my well-being, thank you very much – it makes a lot of sense for dogs and cats. After all, if free to survive on their own abilities, raw food is what they’d be eating, right? And given cooking and processing can reduce the nutritional value of food, raw food ensures your pet is getting the maximum health benefits.



The next time you’re walking your pup through Leslieville, I encourage you to visit two stores in particular that subscribe to this belief. One is Barkside Bistro (“Catering to Pets and Their People“) and the second is The Bone House (“Committed to the Health and Happiness of Your Pet”). Both shops sell – amongst other things – organic and raw pet food prepared using locally-sourced ingredients, and both offer a convenient delivery service within Toronto. Healthy and convenient? Being an always-on-the-go realtor, this definitely caught my attention!



Barkside Bistro is located on Gerrard Street East at Leslie Street. Focusing on quality, convenience and education, the proprietors understand that any pet owner who has subscribed to the kibble and canned food diets typically available in stores may find switching to a raw food diet daunting. How does one get started? Do I need to change the frequency in feeding my pet? Do I need to transition my pet to a raw diet? At Barkside Bistro the friendly knowledgeable staff are passionate about their offerings and welcome addressing all of your concerns.

As it turns out, it’s all fairly simple! After a chat with one of the Barkside Bistro staff members, I learned that most dogs and cats can switch cold turkey (pun intended!). If your furry friend is elderly or suffering from a particular health issue, it may be best to make a slower transition and consult your vet but, in general, the switch is comparable to humans starting a healthier, more balanced diet. Basically, it’s never a bad time, or too late, to start!



The positive effects of the diet will be noticed immediately. Your pet’s eyes will be brighter, his energy level will increase, and within the first month, you may notice cleaner teeth, fresher breath, and even a silkier coat.

All food products at Barkside Bistro are 100% natural, 100% Canadian, wheat, gluten, salt and sugar-free. It’s also worth noting that many pets with allergies – which can range from beef, corn, and wheat to ragweed, grasses and pollens – see a marked improvement in reducing reactions.

Barkside Bistro offers easy delivery options, but also offer in-store purchasing with adjusted hours due to COVID-19. Since they are an essential service, owners don’t need to be worried if we go back to stage 2 or 1. Barkside Bistro is here for your dog’s health while giving humans peace of mind!!



The Bone House, located at Queen Street East just west of Carlaw Avenue, is a self-proclaimed ‘health store’ for dogs. Offering a thoughtful selection of organic, human-grade food – as well as supplements and treats – this Leslieville pet store is another great place to visit if you’re considering switching your pet’s diet to one that’s raw. With food available in a variety of sizes and serving styles, ranging from frozen to pellets or in bulk, this purveyor also carries raw, dehydrated food for dogs and cats by Smack Pet Food. This animal-loving family business, originally from Winnipeg, hits the mark with their nutritious, convenient raw dehydrated food for pets.



If your pet isn’t ready to take the leap into raw food, The Bone House is a perfect place to purchase other earth-friendly dog products and treats. I love the all-natural and biodegradable shampoos and cleaners, as well as the line of tonics which help ease anxiety, relieve joint pain, or boost energy.

Many dogs are brave most of the time, but, say, during a thunderstorm…. not so much! Luckily the Bone House has an all-natural calming spray made of a blend of Jasmine, Chamomile, Valerian Root and Frankincense, recommended by a very helpful and knowledgeable Bone House staff member. Bring it on storms!

But in all seriousness, these are human grade products that make you think twice about what you were buying before!



These establishments have serious heart, understand what our pets mean to us, and will treat you and yours like you’re one of the family!

Barkside Bistro
1125 Gerrard Street East, Leslieville
Toronto, ON

The Bone House
946 Queen Street East, Leslieville
Toronto, ON
416-463-BONE (2663




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