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Wow, it’s mid-March and I’m yearning for Spring to bloom. The snow is pretty much gone, and we’ve had a couple of days where clear skies and sunbeams have been warming our hearts, but we still haven’t had that first day of the year where you can smell the new season. Whaa!

Which makes me covet this Singapore property more than ever!

Any residential architecture guaranteed to make me glow marries courtyard living, water features, and breath-taking design. Better still, check out how Guz Architects senstively applied technology, planning and design to generate a comfortable, luxurious, and sustainable family home. Photovoltaic cells and solar water heaters are employed together with design for passive cooling and cross ventilation to reduce energy usage. Irrigation tanks and roof gardens collect and recycle rainwater; and the use of materials such as recycled teak and artificial timber adds warmth without compromising the finite resources of our environment. Love!

Here’s the ArchDaily link for all the details.

~ Steven

Photos: Patrick Bingham Hall


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