The Joy Of Coming Home

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One of my favourite things about traveling is returning Home. I know it sounds a bit corny but whenever I go anywhere, whether it's for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, I derive tremendous pleasure unlocking my front door and crossing the threshold into the place I call my own.

Without a doubt I am a homebody. The definition, according to Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged© HarperCollins Publishers 2003, is very simple really:

n pl -bodies
a person whose life and interests are centred on the home


The moment I returned home Saturday evening I set to unpacking my bags, putting on the kettle for a cuppa tea and loading the washing machine. I did a quick review of my place to ensure everything was as I left it (no floods, no power outages and no garbage strewn about my yard by feisty raccoons) and then checked my email and reviewed my day planner to ensure all my next appointments were confirmed. Within short order I was back in 'my space' ready to tackle tomorrow.

Homecoming, for me, always includes a long deep soak in my tub while relaxing to spa music; it's the perfect ending to a trip and a stuffy flight. Then, after the soak, slipping between my indulgent luxe linens for a good deep sleep – the kind that only comes with being in your own bed in your own place. These are, for me, the pure simple pleasures of Home Sweet Home.



~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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