The Guild Restaurant in Brockton Village

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On a recent and particularly frosty Sunday morning, Urbaneer decided to do a little neighbourhood exploring and sleuth for somewhere warm and toasty for a bite of breakfast.

Doesn't that sound like a great way to spend a weekend morning? It's just one of the many reasons the Urbaneer team love what we do! 

Our icy sojourn brought us to the nexus of two of our fave neighbourhoods: the intersection of Dundas West and Dufferin Streets where Little Portugal meets Brockton Village. Which is how we found ourselves perched in a warm little window seat at The Guild Restaurant, located at 1442 Dundas Street West.



And were we ever in for a treat.

The Guild is one of Toronto's best kept secrets. Chef Mani Binelli (of Centro, Canoe and Auberge du Pommier fame) knows how the heck to cook you breakfast. Hold on to your socks!

Sous Vide Poached Eggs? We had to look up “sous vide”, to discover it's a cooking method where the food is cooked “under vacuum”. Who knew?

What we can say is we've never before had more perfectly cooked eggs than the lovely, golden yolked pair we enjoyed that Sunday morn at The Guild.

More please Sir!



The accompaniments were also spectacular: house-cured and smoked thick-cut bacon and sausage, a spicy smoky chimichurri sauce, perfect sweet potato hash, fresh dressed greens, and a crisp goat cheese and potato croquette.

Who could ask for anything more?



Urbaneer loves The Guild, and we're set to return soon to experience Chef Mani's dinner fare.

We hope you'll stop in to enjoy, too!

The Guild Restaurant
1442 Dundas Street West at Dufferin Avenue
Tel: (647) 343-7288


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Have we piqued your interest in this great neighbourhood or any of the other Toronto Neighbourhoods we specialize in? Send us a quick email – we welcome assisting you!

~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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