The Colour Green

Over the weekend I was on the phone with a prospective client relocating from the United States. He wasn't terribly familiar with Toronto, which I picked up on when he said he wasn't looking forward to living in a big 'Concrete Jungle'.

Concrete Jungle?

While there are some parts of the city that might read a bit like a concrete jungle (CityPlace), most of the original City of Toronto comprises 42 village neighbourhoods which are nestled amidst a natural ravine system blanketed by a canopy of trees. I snapped the photo above two streets east of my own, to illustrate that much of the City's residential districts look like this. 

Isn't it lovely?

Even though Toronto is, by definition, a metropolis, it's also an extremely livable home to over 3 million residents. I consider myself quite blessed to be one in this 'sea of green'.

~ Steven


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