Thanksgiving For Canucks

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Autumn is truly my favourite season.

I love the crisp air, the stillness that comes with nightfall, putting on my favourite cardigan, and the changing colours of the leaves.

This year the leaves, on some trees, have a colourful luminousity unrivaled in years past.

They’re almost fluorescent! They captivate me, like this house near the Wychwood Barns at St. Clair & Bathurst!



Last night, for the first time in 7 months, the scent of burning wood lingered thru my neighbourhood and tickled my nose. For me, it smells like ‘Home’.

As Canadians gather around the hearth – and their dining tables – to feast and express gratitude for our good fortune and harvest this Thanksgiving weekend (every second weekend of October is designated as a Holiday in Canada), we also collectively acknowledge Summer has fully passed and it’s now time to hunker down in preparation for winter’s onset.

Thanksgiving also signals the Autumn real estate market is here in full force. While feasting this weekend many will discuss with their family and friends the prospect of moving into new accommodations. Just as squirrels collect nuts, and black bears gorge in preparation for a winter’s hibernation, Canucks also know it’s important to inhabit a beautiful lair which can shelter them through the harshness of a winter season that can last as long as six months.

Have you read my newsletter called The Real Estate Seasons? It share our insights into how the 4 Canadian seasons influence the psyche of real estate.

And if you’re gearing up for winter in your house, here’s my handy tips on How To Prepare Your House For Winter.


Are you thinking of moving? At, we’re here to help guide, support and realize and a Sellers’ objective of realizing their highest return and a Buyers’ quest to find the perfect sanctuary from winter’s frozen grip.

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Do you have questions about Toronto real estate? I’m just an email or phone call away at or 416-322-8000!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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