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“If he still hasn’t finished his crossword he comes with the house.

There’s no question some Realtors don’t know how to capture the features of a room when trying to photograph a listing.

Sure, the focus of a bedroom is a bed, but when promoting real estate the objective is to show how the bed fits into a room, not the other way around.

The key to a successful real estate pic is to photograph a room looking its best – including how well-proportioned it is, the uniqueness of any architectural features, along with the beauty of its natural light or the magnificence of its vista. This is essential to promoting real estate. You don’t want photos of just one corner of a room, and you certainly don’t want anything in the photo that might otherwise distract you from the property at large.

Featuring people, like the photo above, is a no-no. The same goes for private parts, which happened to a New York realtor not too long ago who photographed his junk and posted it on his rental site (huh?), which was promptly picked up by Gawker under the heading “NYC Realtor Lists Gorgeous $2000 Loft Located Inside Spacious Penis“. And then there was the Reddit user who stumbled across the unfortunate photo gallery of a Houston-area home for sale (along with the address) featuring a very prominent sex toy and posted it to the link-sharing website; the listing’s since been taken down—though not before Redditors were able to take screenshots.

How embarrassing is that?


“Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a small lady who likes climbing onto ledges. Don’t bother her and she won’t bother you.


Our new favourite site on Tumblr is called Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos which shares “inexplicably bad property photos. It’s that simple.” They’re predominantly English which is also fun, as you get all sorts of madcap interiors, overgrown gardens and tatty exteriors. Plus they’re truly terrible.

Check them out for a giggle.

We promise none of the above shenanigans will occur when you enlist the services of urbaneer.com. In fact, to ensure we bring your property to market in its best of form, we offer our clients a FREE Style Enhancement Service where we’ll elevate your property using your existing furnishings (and bring along some of our own goodies too, if required), prepare a floor plan of your property at no additional charge, and have our professional photographer capture your property at its best.

Have questions? Just contact steve@urbaneer.com

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