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Research shows that being well-rested is one of the most essential aspects for healthy balanced living. And yet I have a sneaking suspicion most of us are sleeping on mattresses that have gone past their prime, using pillows which don’t compliment the way we rest our weary body and head, and lay on sheets that have seen better days. At least I was, and it was translating into restless nights and dark rings under my eyes. Boo Hoo!??

So, in the interest of health and well-being, I gave myself the gift of a bed makeover!??

First, I purchased a new mattress from Sleep Country that is softly padded yet provides firm support. I wish I could tell you I did loads of research on this but I didn’t. The Sleep Country ditty on the radio is probably the most recognizable tune I (and most every Canadian I know) can recall on demand. Hats off to Christine Magee and her marketing company. I drove my car directly to the store like a lemming leaping over a cliff. I laid on a bunch of mattresses feeling goofy and then chose one for a little over $1000. A few days later the delivery men pulled up, put on their little booty slippers and placed it in my bed frame, removing the old mattress to donate to charity as part of the service. Voila!, Why Buy A Mattress Anywhere Else???

Second, I turfed my pillows and duvet into the trash and replaced them. Call me Swedish but I found myself driving also lemming-like to Ikea where I loaded up my cart with six hypo-allergenic feather pillows ranging from super soft to medium and a luxe down-filled duvet for $500. Note, to choose the correct pillow you need to assess the position you sleep (on your back, side or stomach), and how you like your pillow to support you. Here’s a great link to test what pillow is right for you.

Third, I bought new linens. Great sleep comes by laying on finely woven 100 percent cotton sheets that feel soft and luxurious. Check out this link for more info. To purchase my linens I went to ‘Dreams Factory Outlet’ on Spadina Avenue, which is one of the best places downtown for value and selection. I chose an Italian-made 650 thread-count Egyptian cotton cream-coloured queen set (fitted, flat, duvet cover, 6 pillow cases and 2 pillow shams) for $350! Money well-spent.

Finally, I had a custom bed made that suits my aesthetic to a T. Rebecca, who did all my upholstery and draperies, designed the bed with my designers’ Coz and Jessica to my specifications. The fabric is a gorgeous Calvin Klein weave tufted with leather buttons. It sits on a wood frame stained the same colour as my mahogany built-in wardrobes. I am thrilled! The cost was $3000.

Here’s a pic of my bed:

My bed makeover is still incomplete tho…I am awaiting the arrival of some gorgeous beaded and embrodiered cushions from Liloo at 734 Queen East which are being made in India right now. However, I was in MacFab across the street when I saw this amusing fabric of near naked firemen that was amusing and titallating to say the least. A few days later three new made-to-order cushions (the two ultrasuede and fireman cushions above) were sitting on my bed for $90. It’s admittedly a whole lot ‘Over The Top’ but I don’t think one should succumb to making their home decor so serious there isn’t room to be playful or even a tad eyebrow raising. Especially when it’s something as temporary as a cushion. Do you agree with this statement? What do you think?

Here are the retailers:

Sleep Country 1-888-Sleep88


Mac Fab Fabrics 755 Queen St. E. (at Broadview) Toronto, ON M4M 1H3

Stay tuned for more Rejuvenating The Button Factory about the renovation of my unique urban space.


~Steven and the urbaneer team

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