When I think of Summer, I immediately think of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong singing ‘Summertime’, the classic jazz standard from George Gershwin’s 1935 Opera ‘Porgy and Bess’. Coming from a family of jazz lovers where, as a boy, I played the saxophone in a jazz band, the slow as molasses lyrical drip of this duet instantly conveys a hot summertime. If you click the lyrics above, you’ll link to this infamous recording for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

It also inspired this week’s Innovative Space ad in The Globe and Mail:

Right now, on the crest of Summer, some are beginning to fatigue from the sticky heat and the constant whirring sound of their fan on high speed. As temperatures soar, it’s easy to want to do nothing but get in a car and head for a lake.

In Toronto, the next 5 weeks are about Summer Vacation. But here’s a tip for real estate shoppers:

If you find a place you absolutely love, now may be the best time to negotiate a purchase. With so many Buyers MIA on vacation, you may be able to negotiate a great deal on a property. After all, the time to buy is when few others are purchasing.

Please know we’re here to help.

Stay cool!

~ Steven

Amusing Ads – Globe & Mail

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