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Living in The Great White North brings many privileges, including being within driving distance of an abundance of fresh lakes, coniferous trees and the Canadian Shield. We call it Cottage Country – the land where we splash in water, barbecue everything, and drink coolers filled with alcohol. Yes, if you've ever seen a Canadian Beer Commercial, you'll understand how what others see as isolation we see as our own back yard. We are Canadian!
Just like this Molson Canadian Beer Commercial!
I don't own a cottage but I love visiting them. Sometimes I dream of owning one but as a single fella it seems a bit too substantial a commitment to take on alone. Plus I have so many friends and family spread across the globe to visit and The Black House on Prince Edward Island that I get to escape to! Plain and simple, I'm not sure I really have time to focus on another property. Yet every Summer I have to admit, I pine for a cottage.
Fortunately, every year I receive an cottage invite that affords me the opportunity to celebrate my gratitude for friends amidst the gift of nature. One of my favourites is my best friend Mike's family cottage near Ladysmith, Quebec. The cottage has been in his family three generations….it's a down-to-earth quirky summer shack that is distinctly Canadian…unassuming, unpretentious and totally endearing. We swim, read, play cards and laugh.
Apparently carpenter ants chewed it to bits over the past few years, leaving it in such a state it had to be torn down! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a modern dwell is soon emerging. I'm most excited at the prospect of seeing a contemporary space perched in a natural setting.
Here are some 'before' photos:
And here is the stunning 'after'!
It's a perfect reason to say “Gone  Fishing!”
But not quite yet!
The tail end of the Spring Market is still roaring in Canada!
Who knew?
Here are the Toronto Real Estate statistics for June 2014 that show a spike in values.
And here's an article in today's Globe and Mail called “Local Real Estate Boards Give Hint Of A Surging Housing Market
Yes, the Toronto real estate market has yet to take a break, but as the temperatures soar and the humidity kicks in, we'll soon begin to see the number of listings diminish.
However, if you're on the hunt for a property and you need some assistance, please know we're here to help!
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~ Steven and the urbaneer team 

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