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Ok, I’m sure you know well by now I’m a product of the 70s, so please forgive the ‘Stairway To Heaven’ reference on a stair railing blog. It simply can’t be helped given ‘Stairway To Heaven’ is, without doubt, one of the greatest rock anthems ever created! Released by the English rock band Led Zeppelin in 1971, this breathtaking eight minute song composed by guitarist Jimmy Page and vocalist Robert Plant showcases their talents with a tempo and volume that ranges from slow and soft acoustics to intense and intricate electronic hard rock. Here’s the soundtrack clip from YouTube for your listening enjoyment.

While you’re rocking out, check out this simple stainless steel stair railing made by Stylegarage (how’s that for alliteration?!?). Running from bottom to top, this clean-lined modern rail provides a place to grip while negotiating my precarious commitment to modern design. Yes, the building code violation is evident here given my open stairs. It means guests must acknowledge the risk before embarking up to my private quarters. Oh, and children must always be accompanied by their caregiver or forever be banished.

Funnily, on one occasion I hosted my friends’ baby shower here which, much to their delight, allowed them to put on the invitation “Please No Children, Due To Risk”. Though perhaps they were inferring my hosting skills!

Do you like? I think the cool crisp 1500 clams is worth the WOW factor.

I have other amazing Stylegarage pieces – like these amazing hot-rolled steel-tables.

Visit Stylegarage or check out their storefront at:
938 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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