Staging Nightmare

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While I understand, and as a realtor participate, in the heightened media-induced obsession to ‘stage’ properties for sale using home furnishings that are ‘aspirational’ (though, at, we prefer to implement ‘Style Enhancements’ which are less contrived and more personable – click HERE for an example – ), sometimes the staging effort is executed all WRONG! In fact, there are occasions where staging makes the attempt to showcase the property worse!

Case in point.

I was recently showing a two-bedroom semi-detached house downtown east which had been completely gutted and renovated to the 9’s (with permits – yea! Click HERE for a past post on why this is important). While the main floor was a little too fancy pants for my buyers’ liking, the second-level bedrooms were an unhappy contrast and disappointingly lack luster in their presentation. To start, the unflattering fluorescent light bulbs in the ceiling ‘Tit lamps’ were one finger-wagging No-No. Their blinding blue-green light rays were so discomforting I was obliged to exclude photographing them.

Here’s a tip. Do not EVER spend the $15.99 required at Home Depot to buy this monstrosity of a flush-mount ceiling lamp that looks like a recycled 60s jelly mold or a poor copy of Marie Antoinette’s breast. Better to forgo installing a fixture altogether and let the buyers’ imagination serve them. You save $15.99 and your house has a better chance of selling. Kapiche?

This is what I’m ranting about…

EEK! Plain and simple, this is wrong. The light this fixture casts isn’t flattering to your ceilings, your walls or your face. It will show all the cracks even a proper facelift can’t hide. Promise me this, k

It’s always a sad day in real estate when we see this ubiquitous common-place error. We Canucks can do better!

Just sayin’

~ Steven and the Urbaneer team
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Steven Fudge, Sales Representative
& The Innovative Urbaneer Team
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