Spring Blooms New Listings


I am simply beaming for joy this week now that Spring has fully blossomed! Yesterday, after  photographing my new listing at Tip Top Lofts (see the Current Promotions Section for the listing ‘Modern Bespoke At Tip Top Lofts’ offered for $349,000 for something truly special!), I took a stroll along the marina and parks lining Lake Ontario. Nature’s symphony of birdsong was at a full crescendo, there was a warm sunny glow, the waves danced on the lake and the trees were at the pinnacle of their Spring bloom.

At this time of year I especially adore the heavenly scents wafting from the lilac and cherry trees…even at night they tickle my nose while I’m sleeping. And the magnolia trees are breathtaking! Their beauty astounds me.

For the real estate market, Spring verging into Summer means more listings. With the increasing supply of both freehold and condominium properties, the downtown market is becoming balanced. No longer do buyers have to drop everything on a moment’s notice and rush to see a single new listing for fear it will instantly be snapped up, although this still occurs on occasion. Instead, buyers are now blocking times to view multiple properties over the course of the weekend or the early evening. Instead of once being frenetic, buyers now have time to view real estate and take languid strolls through parks eating ice cream cones. I like this. Now buyers can view real estate at a more leisurely pace, providing ample time to make a rational educated decision. And isn’t that how real estate should be traded?


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