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One of the joys of living in neighbourhoods like Swansea or Bloor West Village is how ‘walkable’ daily life becomes. Need to grab some fresh produce, juicy cuts at the butcher, a vintage bottle of red, or perhaps some seasonal blooms? All can be covered in less than 250 steps on the ol’ FitBit.

Walking through my list of errands also allows for more time to chat with neighbours I run into, and the opportunity to catch up with my favourite local small business owners. One of the exciting shops that Bloor West and Swansea residents all love to frequent – including yours truly – is Snappers Fish Market. Ask – near and far – who has the best catches of the day, and the answer is almost unanimous: Snappers!



Eliana & Eddie: Snapping Since 2019

…Or so I thought! When I sat down with owners, Eli & Eddie, I learned that they‘ve been in the fresh fish business far longer!

When this fantastic couple took over Snappers Fish Market 3 years ago, I thought that it was the first this community had seen of them. But, in fact, Eddie had been behind the scenes at the long established Snappers Fish Market for years; he had been supplying fresh fish for the previous owners, and, on several occasions had lent some help behind the counter when an extra set of skilled hands were required.



Eddie spent much of his life in the various sectors of the fresh fish business. Growing up in Ottawa, Eddie gained his experience at the infamous Lapointe Fish in the Byward Market. His then girlfriend, Eliana, who was studying business and finance at the time, would often be called upon to help close up shop in the evenings. Her knack for calculations sped up all the end of day procedures allowing them to get out there and enjoy the Ottawa nightlife sooner!

And that’s how their story continued; Eddie fine-tuned his skills in all things fish-related in Ottawa and Toronto, while Eliana plunged head first into the world of finance and commercial mortgages. Throw in a wedding, three sons, some fur babies, and you can imagine how the rest of the story goes!



When the opportunity arose to take over Snappers, they jumped at it like salmon heading upriver in autumn!

The couple breathed new energy into the enterprise, not only with the freshest and most delectable selections of seafood and mouth-watering must-try recipes, but also with their bright personalities and easy laughter; it makes the visit into the shop a real joy!



If you’re new to Snappers, don’t hesitate to ask for advice – they give great recommendations! My three favourite buys would probably be:  the salmon – for pure and simple, melt-in-your-mouth goodness (plus it’s sushi-grade).  Second, I am a sucker for mussels. I love them simmered in a simple white wine sauce and served with a crusty fresh baguette. And third – their juicy scallops. Or tied for third – the halibut. But also the Ahi tuna… wow… Is anyone else ready for lunch?!

It needs to be said that their business practices reflect Eddie & Eliana’s integrity and values. The markups on their products are ridiculously low compared to anywhere else I have shopped. Now, of course, I don’t shop anywhere else! I’m a Snapper for life!



I have asked them on countless occasions, “Wow! Why is your halibut (or jumbo shrimp, or mussels, or salmon… basically just fill-in-the-blank with anything they sell) so affordable?” And their answers always convey the same sentiment: “Because we are so lucky to be busy. And because of that fortune we can run our business this way – honestly! We don’t feel right adding a huge markup when we can successfully run our business without doing that. It’s not who we are.”

And who they are, is a couple that will also walk fresh fish over to an ailing customer if they aren’t able to get to the shop themselves. Or, when they know that someone is struggling, offering them a fresh food for less. Eddie & Eli put value before profit, and people before numbers. This couple is a truly rare catch!

So, coming full circle from the days of helping her guy run the numbers and close the shop, Eliana transitioned her career from big banking to being a partner behind the counter at Snappers. With her talent and vision helping to steer the ship, their robust social media has taken flight. Pop on to @snappersfishmarket and start following them for fantastic seafood recipes (as beautiful as they are delicious!), giveaways, contests, and more!



Snappers Fish Market

263 Durie St,
Toronto, ON M6S 3G2

(416) 767-4083

*All photos courtesy of Eli & Eddie and their Insta account: @snappersfishmarket



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