Sofa, So Good, at Stylegarage!

Queen West

Wasn't Montgomery Clift dreamy starring as a Catholic Priest in Alfred Hitchcock's 1953 film “I Confess”?

Speaking of confessions. I have one.

One day in the future you may ask me to sell your property. I will walk into your darling bijou condo to discover your gigantic 'shabby chic flake-out couch' and, with a deep breath I will look you straight in the eyes and gently suggest with the greatest diplomacy that maybe it's time you purchased a new sofa which will serve your living room better now, and in the future.

I promise there will be neither scorn nor judgment in my voice. After all, I will be able to see how perfect your “couch for two lying prone” suits your weekly movie night snuggling with your lover while snacking on buttery popcorn and a robust cabernet with an exceptional bouquet. In fact, I believe said couch will look marvelous in your future recreation room. But for now, can it be relegated to storage?

All is ask is “Please don't make me sell your condo while that couch is swallowing your living room.”

I have the greatest clients in the world. I presented this exact circumstance to a fab couple a couple of weeks ago. When they expressed concern on where to go, I sent them to Stylegarage to explore their options. Lo and behold, on Friday they took delivery of a stunning grey sofa that is both comfortable and perfectly scaled for their condo. Here it is:

This amazing couch has taken centre stage in our newest contemporary one bedroom with private den listing located midtown for $389,900.

Click HERE to check it out!

~ Steven


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