We Canucks love our Ann Murray, whose musical talent is highlighted in her great hit ‘Snowbirds’. Click her album cover above to enjoy her saucy singing whilst reading today’s post.

Over the years Canadians have come to be colloquially called ‘Snowbirds’, given our frequent need to escape the arctic temperatures of our winter hinterland in search of warmth.  As you may have read in a recent post ‘Book’s Beach & Bliss’, I usually find respite on a beach in Mexico.

However, right now I’m in Fort Lauderdale, Florida visiting some best pals.

In all my years I have only been to Florida once, where I learned how to fish in the mangroves near Pine Island. I didn’t venture far that trip. In fact, my stay was limited to a very small geography which was akin to the environments featured on “National Geographic”.

This trip I’m enjoying a taste of the stereotypical Florida we’ve all heard about…. an abundance of discount strip malls, a society heavily reliant on the car, and a love for ‘All You Can Eat Buffets’. For all there is to mock, Florida is also about alligators and everglades, great beaches and some pretty fantastic Floridian architecture, captured in some of my favourite pics below:

With Toronto mired in freezing temperatures right now, I’m happy to be ringing in the New Year with some of my best pals in this Floridian bungalow!

Cheers to you and 2011!

~ Steven


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