Small Wonders


Torontonians need to keep a watchful eye on what’s occurring in the world of design and habitat in New York City. After all, this is the place where small wonders come true. And with housing prices moving beyond the threshold of affordability for Canada’s urban proletariat, efficient mid and high density housing is pretty much the only way to go.

Take for example the winner of Mayor Bloomberg’s ‘adAPT micro unit project’, pictured above, which is a modular 55 unit building with suites that range from 250 to 370 square feet. Urbaneer adores the lego-like assembly, the expansive windows and the ability to pack a lot of living into a teeny tiny itty bitty space.

Here’s a rendering showing a cross-section of a sliver of a suite:



You can read the inspirational story at Apartment Therapy by clicking HERE.

Also out of New York is the recent reveal of founder Graham Hill’s thoughtfully executed (and undoubtedly costly) retrofit of a 420 square foot ‘6-room’ apartment. Highly detailed and a model of efficiency, this Soho apartment is a stunning example on how to live small and smart. Can you envision yourself paring down to live a life this uncluttered, and still have ten guests for dinner? Click HERE to link to the fab Gizmodo story and video. It’s well-worth watching.



Urbaneer has long been a fan of living small. Steven was once the owner of one of Toronto’s original 600 square foot Beach Cottages! Have you heard of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company? Click HERE to read a past post on small houses.

At we help buyers find their perfect dream home. No matter how large, or how small, we’re here to help!


~ Steven and the urbaneer team


* thanks to Apartment Therapy and Gizmodo for these stories!


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