Slow and Steady Wins The Race


This past first week ‘back to school’ brought almost 300 new freehold and 400 new condominium listings to market across the central core of the city, spanning from The Beach to Bloor West and up the Yonge Street corridor from Lake Ontario. That’s alot of product!

While some properties are junk, and many are overpriced, the most coveted listings right now are the freehold houses in the 500-700k range. Anything renovated with a bit of bling or oozing with the patina of yesteryear have a line-up of eager buyers keen to view. There are even instances of bidding wars in this segment of the market! Most of these purchasers are young professional couples, some with children or expecting. If you have a well-priced house in good condition situated in an urban village neighbourhood, your property has the most-likely chance of selling right now.

My key piece of advice if you’re currently on the market? Slow and Steady Wins The Race!

~ Steven

Real Estate

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