Spruce Home Decor: Sexy Snow Shovels?

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Many of us are digging out our front doors today what with all that snowfall last night.

And amidst all that grunting and groaning we bet you never thought you’d hear “sexy” and “snow shovel” in the same sentence, right? But then, you probably haven’t met Firn Canada’s newest winter tool!

Winter is hard enough without being tormented by bad design. And while many might consider a winter tools to be constructed for necessity alone, this snow shovel by Firn is definitely display worthy. The brain child of two local industrial designers, this eye-popping shovel is locally crafted with high-quality responsibly-sourced materials.

Yup, this Firn shovel stands apart as our ‘icon of our season’.



The Firn Shovel cleared the way to take top honours at the 2014 Sustainable Design Awards. Taking last year’s Interior Design Show by storm – and selling out on the first day – the dynamic design duo tweaked the construction by using Ash for the handle – ensuring greater strength and flexibility – while incorporating a stronger gauge of surgical-grade steel for the shovel’s blade. Even more brilliant is that every component of the shovel is manufactured within 125 kilometres of Toronto.

Not just a pretty piece – this shovel is resolutely “magic”.  The strong flexible blade allows you to cut into the snow or ice unlike weaker plastic models that tend to skim over the top. This shovel is also light and comfortable and did we mention how attractive you look when you’re using it?  Could you be labeled your ‘Neighbourhood Style Guru’? We think so but regardless, be assured you’ll have the cleanest sidewalk.

Available in gloriously glowing red or super-chic stainless, hang it in your front hall. It says “pragmatic and high-style” in the same breath!



Want one? The Firn Shovel is available at a few select retailers – including urbaneer team member Kimberly’s own stellar design shop Spruce On Parliament.



Happy shoveling!

~ kim and the urbaneer team

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