Seven Home Runs To Achieve Top Dollar!

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In an era where dozens of home design and decorating magazines are published each month advising you on the latest trends and styles, ‘house fluffing’ is a common program theme on the ever popular Home and Garden Television (HGTV) station; House Flippers are popping up on nearly every urban street carefully staging their ‘total gut reno’ in a soupcon of lifestyle bliss. As such, selling property has now become more competitive than ever before. At one time tidying up your house and cutting the grass was all buyers expected and found, especially in family homes where just keeping your children’s rooms in order was enough of a challenge. But things are different today. Selling your home in the new millennium is now an elevated Art form, where creative presentation solutions are necessary and expected in order to achieve a quick sale!

Here are Seven Home Runs for achieving Top Dollar in today’s market!

Curb appeal! Did you know most buyers often make up their mind about a property before they even enter the front door? Regardless of what type of dwelling you live in, buyers rely on their first impressions and gut instincts to steer them towards a decision on whether a property feels right for them. If your place doesn’t cut the grade on first sight, then all the effort you may have invested on the inside could be for naught. Hire a gardener, paint the front door, place some colourful seasonal plants in new pots and roll out a clean Welcome mat. Sold is in the details, so pull out all the stops to create an attractive first impression.

That fresh clean smell! Little gets a buyers’ heart thumping more than the smell of a newly painted house or freshly installed carpet. Despite the evils of all those chemical off-gasses that make us cringe with concern, it’s the sort of scent that gets purchasers in the house buying mood. And if that’s not possible, a solid attic-to-basement scrubbing with every conceivable cleaner (go Green!) will also do the trick. A place that is cobweb and dirt free says ‘well-loved, well-cared for, and welcome!’ And before you get scrubbing, donate items and call the junk removers to get rid of anything that won’t be coming with you to your next destination. A pared down property reads ‘roomy and spacious’.

Correct Do-It-Yourself botch jobs! Nearly every homeowner has tried their hand at some form of home improvement, all with varying degrees of success! And why not…Home Depot makes it look soooo easy! Unfortunately it can often result in a trail of botched repairs you may have become used to, but are truly unsightly. Truth be told, a poorly finished home renovation project or repair can cost you thousands of dollars in profit. And it isn’t just in the price a buyer will have to pay to remedy the problem, but the impression it leaves a prospective buyer. A buyer who sees a failed do-it-yourself renovation will immediately worry about what they can’t see behind the walls! Get all those niggly repairs and renovations professionally attended to before coming to market!

Visual and value continuity up and down, inside and out! Surprisingly, often we show houses where the first floor is renovated but the upper and lower levels are not. It’s unfortunate, for the buyer’s expectations get shattered when they suddenly see a partially renovated house. They don’t celebrate that one floor of renovation is done, but express dismay at the small fortune they’ll have to spend to bring the rest of the house up to a similar level of finishes. Always spread your home improvement budget throughout your house and keep your renovations in a complimentary calibre. A house with a $45,000 kitchen and a $5,000 bath will sell for less than a house with a $30,000 kitchen and two $10,000 baths. Spread your money and style throughout your house as your budget allows in order to achieve top resale dollar. The more visual and value continuity your house has, the more dollars it will command.

Architectural finishing and furnishing cohesiveness! They say “neutral sells”, and while it’s partially true because it can make rooms appear larger and cleaner, the key is to have the architectural finishing and home furnishings complement and balance each other. Heavy over-sized sofas and credenzas in a small room can ruin the scale of a space, while too much pattern or colour clashing on your walls, floors and upholstery can overwhelm the eyes and literally exhaust them. For optimum results, ensure each room has an eye-catching focal point with a little bling Wow factor to make it memorable.

Top condition Major building components! There are six major building components that make up a property: structure /foundation, heating/cooling, wiring, windows/skylights, roofing and plumbing. A property that has each of these in good condition extends to buyers’ peace of mind and the assurance no substantial cost upgrades are pending. If you can ensure these major building components are in good condition you’ll get more buyers interested in paying Top Dollar to avoid the hassles and expense of attending to these far-from-exciting home improvements.

Speak to your target market! Today, more than ever, knowing your target market is key to attaining the highest dollar. Depending on the type of dwelling you live in, along with its location presenting your property to your specific buying group is essential to achieving the highest possible price. Who your market is can sometimes be very different from whom you imagine may buy your home, for neighbourhoods have their own life cycle and can quickly change from one particular cultural or lifestyle group to another in a matter of years. This is especially true of the old city of Toronto.

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