Seducing The First Timer


When received the call from a Seller who was relocating, his furnishings were already packed up and his exit strategy was to sell his terrace towne in ‘as-is’ condition.

And yes, while there are times it makes sense to sell your place in as-is condition, like when it’s a candidate for a wrecking ball or a major ‘total gut’ renovation, most times a Seller is leaving money on the table that should be going into his or her pocket.

In this instance, the unit was tired and a little worse for wear. The bedroom carpet was threadbare, the countertops had burn rings from hot pots, and there were knicks, scrapes and holes in the white walls where a bike was constantly placed and someone’s attempt to hang art had gone awry. The terrace was a mountain of leaves from underuse, leaving visitors a little forlorn. It needed, to be blunt, some tender loving care.

And if you’re a regular reader, you know loves nothing more than to be tender, loving and caring.

To make it easy-peasey for our Seller, brought in our team and did a head to toe make-over. Our Seller wrote a double-digit cheque to freshen up this space, including new paint and track lighting throughout, plus warm and soft waffle broadloom in the bedroom. We replaced the kitchen counters, cabinet handles, sink, faucet, and had a classic subway tile backsplash installed. In the washroom, we upgraded the sink, faucet, cabinet handles and installed a full wall-to-wall mirror and light fixture over the vanity.

We also brought in young urban fresh furnishings for the entire space, including styling the front patio and rear garden terrace. Here are some snaps!

Given this terrace towne is likely going to a first time buyer who may, or may not, have a child. We decided to style it with a bit of bling and a whole lot of character. Vintage pieces, garage sale finds, and some contemporary pieces keep the space youthful and not too precious. We want the buyer to be able to relate to the space and not feel it’s out of their budget.

Will this work? Fingers crossed! This property, offered at $369,000, is located at 208 Niagara Unit 19. It’s open this Saturday and Sunday from 2-4pm. Wanna take a look? Come on down? Click HERE for the current promotion.

~ Steven

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