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Our team member Carl Laudan wants to know… “Have you ever heard of Sally Bird Park?”

It's a lovely little house-sized park nestled between Brunswick Avenue and Allan Powell lane in Harbord Village with an actual address: 194 Brunswick Ave! It’s pretty easy to find if you’re around the area – given it has its own sign with the address – but pay attention as it’s only thirty-seven and a half feet wide!

There's a colourful mural on the South side, a sweeping landscaping, and the most unusual feature of any park we've seen: exercise equipment! That's right, you can ditch your gym membership and enjoy a free workout in the fresh air. We're not sure how successful you may be during the winter, given your teeth might chatter or your sweat might soak through your clothes and freeze to the equipment! But give it a shot and let us know how it goes, ok?



Here's a great video by urbaneer's Carl Laudan


Apparently there was a plan to include a water feature, although we didn't spot one. Can you find it? Another thing we're unclear on is the name of the park. We assume Sally Bird once owned the land and deeded it to the city to create the park. However, we haven't been able to find any information on the history of the park online. If you are a keeper of the Harbord Village Archives, or you just happen to know the folklore/facts on who Sally Bird is, we'd love to learn! 

Parks are awesome! Especially when they're so compact and include exercise equipment.

This is one more reason to love Toronto. In fact, you could work out here everyday if you lived in our Luxe South Annex listing, located just around the corner. Check out 99 Sussex Avenue offered for $1,389,000!

~ the urbaneer team

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