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Whenever guests see my clawfoot tub perched at the edge of a 26 foot high skylit atrium in my second floor bedroom, they almost always ask “Does your bathtub work?”. The question always makes me laugh. People are more likely to accept my explanation that’s it’s an ‘art installation’ rather than the place I actually bathe. Really?

My tub surprises many. For some it perplexes. What’s a tub doing in a bedroom overlooking a Great Room?

The true die-hard tub soakers know why. In fact, when they see it their eyes grow as big as saucers. And quite-rightedly. The experience of floating in my clawfoot is the ultimate private indulgence. The open airiness with stunning sight lines contrasts most bathtubs which are confined to cramped spaces. Being in my tub invites a state of bliss.

Depending on my frame of mind, I might put on a dvd on my flat screen television with surround sound while soaking my weary bones, or have a long telephone chat with a best pal. Other times, with the tub filled with salts, scented oils or bubbles, I light candles, drink wine, play Spa music, and express gratitude for my amazing life. I’ll stare up at the sky and watch the moonbeams dapple shadows. When I open the skylights with my remote it creates an updraft, causing my ethereal Mooi pendant light to slowly spin, casting its glowing pattern across the atrium walls. When I soak, I always take a moment to cherish my surroundings, often tilting my head over the side to admire the striking proportions of my brick and beam loft with its rustic slate floors. I know how blessed I am. Never do I forget that my dream home isn’t a dream, it’s my actual home.

Some of you, mostly guys, are probably rolling your eyes right now. I understand your resistance to those occasions when I’m frou-frou. But just so ya know, I’m not soaking in my tub every day. In fact, most days I lather under the sunshine in my skylit limestone shower where the cascading water from my rainshower (or body sprays if am just transitioning from the gym to an evening out) cleanses me of my day to day tribulations. I let all the positive ions that come with showering recharge me. But guys, don’t for a second underestimate the value of an indulgent soaking tub.

It’s a total Babe Magnet.

Any dude who can offer his lady a scented bubble bath with a glass of champagne and chocolate truffles set to romantic music amidst the flicker of candlelight, and suggest he join her will appreciate the proximity to the king-sized bed three feet away.

Or, if you’re not at all romantic, your girlfriend can soak while you flake out on the bed and watch the Game. You’ll appreciate being able to point out that you are, afterall, in the same room ‘spending time together’.

A Toast to Tub-Soaking!

Stay tuned for Rejuvenating The Button Factory about my unique urban home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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