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Let's make a promise: we are not going to discuss Toronto weather.  Frankly, it's become tedious after our FOREVER raging on how long it's taking to liberate our parkas!  So let’s all agree that as long as the sun keeps shining; it continues to get warmer; the Blue Jays keep playing surprisingly well and – judging by the number of Torontonians on the patios last weekend (we admire your resolve because it’s still not THAT warm out people) – then it truly must be Spring in Toronto!

Which got us – the housing obsessed urbaneer team – talking about outdoor space.

Especially Urbaneer's guest writer Kellye who – beaten down by Jack Friggin' Frost – recently flew the coop for hot and sunny Naples, Florida for an overdue vacay. Where – as is inevitable – the siren call of real estate beckoned. That's the thing about the urbaneer team; no matter where we are we simply cannot ignore an open house sign. Especially when it points you in the direction of a new designer Model Home in a lush landscaped golf course.



Kellye LOVED touring the immaculate Model Homes of The Esplanade Golf and Country Club. Amidst all the gorgeous designer features, it was the brilliant outdoor space plans that got her talking. While a 40 foot lanai with a cascading infinity pool might not be feasible for most city lots in downtown Toronto (which are typically 12 to 25 feet wide), there's no question that no matter where you live, transforming your outdoor space can enhance the overall function of your home.

Regardless of how large – or bijou – your outdoor space, elevating whatever green space you call your own for all seasons is a wise investment. After all, when you've spent several months indoors hibernating, you're grateful to be liberated into fresh air and natural light (in Toronto the sun sets at 4:41pm in the darkest days of winter and at 9:02pm in July!). This means, for many property owners (including you, my dear), there's a real opportunity to do better profiting from your great outdoors.

In fact *ahem* maybe you should consider trading your run-of-the-mill big box store furniture and grill for a tailored custom outdoor entertainment area!

Would you?

Could you?

Here's a gorgeous bit of design-spiration that reflects a ourdoor space more in keeping with the size a downtown Toronto backyard:


We’re not delusional. A few adjustments would have to be made to accommodate the Toronto winter but it’s a lot of fun thinking of solutions for this very fun problem.

And take comfort, Summer is coming. So get your outdoor space prepared!

Here's a past snippet of a post called Why Outdoor Lighting Offers A Great Return On Investment (though forgive us the Winter vista!)

And here's another post showcasing two of Steve's compact City Gardens!

– Kellye MacMillan, Realtor & Guest Writer

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