Reaching The Finish Line

College Street / Little Italy

Back in February, I began a conquest to get my residence organized. After years of haphazard searching for a particular sweater, book or tool (“I know it’s in this closet somewhere!”), I finally decided it was time to organize my life through and through.

Not surprisingly it’s been a long ordeal, in part because I am one of those people where one project inevitably snowballs into an even bigger one. What began as having a custom bookshelf made so I could unpack my books after a decade in boxes unraveled into a substantial upgrade of my loft and its contents.

For those who have ever given their abode a complete makeover, you know there comes a point where exhaustion sets in. The dust, the mess, the delays all make one crave the day when there’s nothing else to do.

Just as I approached the finish line I hit a brick wall. Well, not literally – tho I did faint in the process. Simply put, I was exhausted. My utility closet was in disarray and my study was chock-a-block with loads of stuff too good to throw away, yet I was in no mood to have a garage sale. I had old cassette and video tapes I wanted transferred onto discs, and my garden storage was a shambles.

Enter Sidney Sproule. Sidney is a professional organizer and a veritable lifesaver. Just as I was nearing a total meltdown, Sidney stepped in and saved the day. Tackling all the finicky details from start to finish (including placing items in garage sales, good stuff on consignment, making those new discs and even getting a vintage clock fixed!), every storage zone is now labeled within an inch of it’s organizational life. And I love it!


Although there’s a cost to having someone do all this detailed dirty work, I consider it a worthwhile indulgence. It’s the equivalent of having a Spa Day, where for a fleeting moment you are pampered beyond your expectation. Having Sidney step in was no different…she arrived to find my place at it’s most disorganized, and left it wrapped in a big bow!

Contact Sidney and tell her I sent you!

Stay tuned for more Rejuvenating The Button Factory about my unique urban home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

~Steven and the urbaneer team

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