Purple Pants


Yesterday I hinted at my own life of cooldom, having played a pivotal role as the City’s original Innovative Space Specialist. Now allow me to risk contradicting myself!

When I was a ten I moved to Victoria with my family. Standing at the end of the driveway trying to become accustomed to my new surroundings, two girls rode up on their bikes and introduced themselves. As Beth and Cathy said “Hi!” they kept staring at my trousers. Perhaps it was because they were beige pants with purple pockets.

As a child my mother made my clothes. I thought this rather exciting, for it gave me the opportunity to express myself through my fashion sensibilities. You see, in my youth I thought I was a fashion plate but I’ve come to recognize perhaps I never was. Part of it was my reluctance to read fashion trends which, coupled with an outlandish disregard for coordinating patterns, fabrics and colours, left me a shocking sight for sore eyes. In fact, it still does. Here’s a hysterical pic my Mom recently gave me demonstrating my fashion outlook as a kid. What’s with my taste in pants (though I gotta say I LOVE the boots)?

Despite my technicolour personality I suspect I truly am a candidate to wear only black! I’ve learned retail therapy has no place in my life as shopping malls make me nervous. The truth of the matter is I would probably look better dressed wearing fur drenched in red paint by PETA than most of my wardrobe choices. Fortunately my pal Vince has taken on the task of dressing me!

And yet, purple appears to be making a comeback with all the Fashion Houses like this snap below. Hmmm, those are some very purple pants! Maybe I was just too cutting edge for Victoria back then?


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