Prairie Boy Bread On College Street Has The Recipe For Success!

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If you've noticed that the Dufferin Grove neighbourhood is smelling a bit sweeter these days, it's probably thanks to Grant MacPherson and Lainie Knox, the husband and wife team behind Prairie Boy Bread on College Street at Dovercourt. Despite starting from humble farmer's market beginnings, their first storefront venture in Dufferin Grove has experienced unprecedented success in just a few short months; Prairie Boy was recently named one of the Top 3 New Bakeries in Toronto by BlogTO, and, not unlike their famous bread, their star continues to rise! 


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Prairie Boy Bread now occupies the storefront at 970 College Street, which used to be home to Virginia Johnston's textile studio. The bright, welcoming space is simplistic in its uniformly white walls and in the clean lines of its uncluttered display shelves; the most eye-catching elements, especially against such a white-washed backdrop, is the beautiful terrazzo floor and the heavy, wood-topped retail counter that anchors the space. The oven, prep tables, and cooling racks at the rear are removed enough that the foyer's calm is undisturbed, but they are still in full view of fans – young and old – who have taken to perching on the front window seat to watch Grant work his magic.


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Grant recently shared with BlogTO that the secret to his unique breads is “a rarely-used method based on three things: high water content, long fermentation process, and good flour. The wheat is sourced from the Hoffnung Collective, who grow heritage red wheat called Norwell that is stone milled fresh weekly.” Intriguingly, Hoffnung wheat is planted and harvested the old-fashioned way – by horse-drawn equipment – in a Mennonite community near Listowel. -BlogTO


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Prairie Boy Bread loaves range from Country White, Winnipeg Rye, Double Fermented Rye, Organic Flax (all $6.25 per loaf), and Cinnamon Raisin ($7.25 per loaf), to name a few. All of the loaves are 100% sourdough culture, even their baguette ($5) and Cinnamon Raisin loaf have a sourdough base.


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Beyond their famous loaves and baguettes, Prairie Boy Bread offers an assortment of crostini, fresh sandwiches, cheeses, house-made spreads (hummus, pesto, butter), olive oil, balsamic reduction, cookies, sweets by Alan Kobayashi, and other locally sourced goods, including coffee made with beans from Detour. You’ll also find that you can purchase bags of the Hoffnung wheat that Grant uses exclusively.


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Grant's bread is now being sold or served at over fifteen restaurants, shops, and cafes around Toronto, and they're adding new establishments to the list all the time!


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If the Sunday morning crowd is any indicator, Prairie Boy Bread is officially a success. But it's clear that this good fortune is owed in great part to the 'heart-on-sleeve' approach of Grant and his family. Consumers are more likely to spend time and money at an establishment where they feel they have a personal relationship with the owners, and Lainie's wide array of social media platforms, her instagram account featuring snaps of the business as well as family moments, and the website/blog, has allowed the community to get to know them as not only entrepreneurs, but as a family. With the amount of time they spend there, the storefront is like an extension of their own home; young son Xavi is often found playing with his toy kitchenette near the front window, or helping his father prepare dough in the back. The welcoming foyer, where there's always a pot of coffee on, has become the perfect place for neighbours to stop in, catch-up, and congregate. Even Grant and Lainie's personal cell numbers are advertised publically next to the store number – talk about a personal touch! Prairie Boy Bread is truly a family-focused business, where the bread is homemade with love, and 'everybody knows your name'.

If you haven't yet had the opportunity break bread with Grant, Lainie, and Xavi, we highly recommend that you do! No longer the ambitious new kids on the block, Grant and his family have won over Dufferin Grove – loaf by loaf – and are now a recognizable and comforting flavour in the palate of the community.

Live. Laugh. Love. Loaf!


Prairie Boy
970 College St., Toronto
phone: 416-531-1211
twitter: prairieboyfarms
instagram: prairieboybread
facebook page: prairie boy bread

Bread is available at 10am-6pm


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