Pizzeria Libretto On Ossington

Little Portugal

My pal Todd and I decided to grab some lunch for a quick yaketty-yak catch-up and, when I asked him where he would like to go he replied with the very suggestion that was on the tip of my tongue….Pizzeria Libretto on Ossington! In perfect unison we admitted we felt like the last two people in the city who had actually gone there, so we made a date and checked it out.



As tongues wag, Libretto follows the traditional pizza-making methods from Naples using local natural ingredients cooked in a wood fired 900 degree oven for less than 90 seconds to achieve a charred, blistered crust. Using San Marzano tomatoes, Fiore di Latte Mozzarella, and a dough made from 100% organic stone ground flour and leavened naturally, their delish pizza is the tasty healthy alternative to the ubiquitous dial-up-for-delivery heart-attack-on-a-thick-crust Meat Lover’s Delight.



We leapt on the chance to both go with the….

Three Course Lunch Prix Fixe $15

Primi – Beet Caprese Salad or Arugula Salad or Bruschetta

Pizza – Margherita D.O.P or Marinara D.O.P. or Piadina of the Day

Dolci -Biscotti or Gelato


If I was a Super Model, I would have one bite and feel nutritionally satisfied and extremely full! But I’m not (wishful thinking once again!), so I ate every morsel presented! This is another superb addition to dynamic food-lovers Ossington Avenue. Located just south of Dundas on the east side, you can’t beat dining here. Chef Rocco Agostino & Max Rimaldi have outdone themselves! We Loved It.



Great Service, Great Decor, Great Food!

Check out their website by clicking here!

~ Steven 


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