Pizzeria Defina in Roncesvalles Village

Roncesvalles Village

It seems that pizza joints in Toronto are a dime a dozen, and while there are always standouts, most of the fare is similar. However, with Pizzeria Defina, the Italian staple has been elevated beyond its humble roots. Unique toppings like butternut squash and duck confit are proof that these dough-slingers like to get creative! And, as far as their reputation as a community institution goes, this trendy but relaxed spot perfectly captures the new Roncesvalles Village mood.


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Photo courtesy of pizzeriadefina.com


Photos courtesy of pizzeriadefina.com


Photos courtesy of pizzeriadefina.com


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Another point of interest: The Upstairs, boasting a wealth of natural light and warm exposed brick, is an aptly named space above Pizzeria Defina that can be booked for your next fete or gallery opening:


Photos courtesy of pizzeriadefina.com


Photos courtesy of pizzeriadefina.com


Pizzeria Defina
321 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, ON
Tel: 416-534-4414

Restaurant Hours
12pm – 10pm Sunday to Thursday
12pm – 11pm Friday and Saturday
closed daily 3pm – 5pm, excluding Sundays

Takeout Hours:
12pm – 10pm Daily (closed between 3pm – 5pm)



Want to check out Pizzeria Defina's website and menu? Click HERE to connect.

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~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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