Pinch Me I’m Dreaming Of Bhutan


Yes, I know this is a real estate blog, but today I’m topsy turvy as I adjust to the jet lag that has left me knackered and discombobulated. At the moment I’m more awake at 3am than I am at 3pm. Even caffeine can’t correct an inverted circadian rhythm. Which basically means the real estate blog will be returning shortly, but not today.

It’s all because I’m just hours home from a glorious excursion to the Kingdom of Bhutan where I celebrated a 30 year friendship, engaged monks, statesmen, and royalty at more dinners and cocktail parties in a week than there were days, while exploring what is arguably one of the most remote locations in the world. And it was even better this second time around, than my first visit 15 years ago!

Bhutan is a magical technicolour country that is cleverly commodifying its cultural capital as it steps into the twenty-first century. How so? They’re catering to the experiential adventure zoomer tourist industry who have enough disposable income to trek (or white water raft) all the way to some of the most amazing five star hotels. As one who is obsessed with all matters of housing, I really admire how Bhutan is creating tourist accommodations which respect the local vernacular and building practices while using timeless natural materials.

In fact, I posted two blogs during my travels sharing my amazement. Here’s one on the Amankora Hotel in Thimphu, Bhutan, and here’s one on Uma Hotel in Punakha, Bhutan.

My friends and clients have been asking me to post photos, so here’s a few snaps which show you what I’m doing when I’m not happily immersed in the Toronto real estate industry.


Want to know more about Bhutan? Click HERE to see the country’s online tourism site!

Meanwhile, stay tuned for urbaneer’s Autumn real estate forecast, coming soon!

~ Steven and the urbaneer team


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