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After seven months of a substantial renovation to my Movie House Loft, chronicled in this very blog starting with the Yucky Part of Renovation, I am ninety-five percent away from completion. Wow! It’s so close to the finish line all I want is for it to be done.

But it’s not quite yet there.

The Act of Patience serves as the ultimate test when taking on the task of any renovation. You have to be diligent with its completion without becoming manic. Or controlling. Or consumed with expectation.

When any or all of that happens renovation loses its lustre and enjoyment, and soon enough it’s one big drag.

I wigged out four times over the seven month ordeal.  Delays, money, being kitchenless for a month, living amidst a MESS each played their role in testing my patience. But no more. Now it’s just details and embracing the reality that I need to keep enjoying the process.

A conical pendant lamp is suspended between two custom dark oak wardrobes flanking the loft mezzanine, which overlooks the entertainment area below. Supported by a cast of elegant crown moldings, demure pale grey walls and a silverleaf paper ceiling, the 2 storey vintage arched window draped in soft cream linen takes centre stage.

Stay tuned for more Renovating The Movie House Loft!

~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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Renovating The Movie House Loft

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