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College Street / Little Italy

Would you like it on the rocks or neat?

In my world, the consumate host is always prepared to pour you precisely your favourite drink. This stems from an early age when my neighbours demonstrated their roles as Perfect Hosts to this impressionable boy. Click HERE for that tale and how it’s influenced my love for a fully-stocked Bar that’s ready to roll, including my last one in The Button Factory.

When I moved out of one Dream home while awaiting the manifestation of my next, I decided that there were some creature comforts I couldn’t live without. This included having a Bar that was ready the moment guests arrived. At my Movie House Loft, this is what it looks like:

Behold, above is the 22 bottle wine fridge which hints at how accommodating this bespoke kitchen bar is.

Panelled doors open and recess into the cabinet, creating a ready-to-pour cocktail preparation zone.

A pull-out chopping block makes cocktail preparation a breeze.

Measuring just 24 inches wide, I also get a kick playing Air Stewardess with my friends. No holding the knife during turbulence please!

Stay tuned for more on Renovating The Movie House Loft in Toronto, Ontario, Canada!

~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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Renovating The Movie House Loft

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