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St. Lawrence Market

The other day Urbaneer popped in for a little morning sustenance at the storied Patrician Grill, located at Frederick Street and King Street East, in the historic St. Lawrence Market/Old Town neighbourhood. The sidewalk sandwich board outside the restaurant pretty much sums the place up – “nothing fancy since 1967”. And that, in a nutshell, is what makes the Patrician one of Toronto’s tried and true strongholds for truly classic and delish diner fare.

For those seeking an authentic vibe, you’ve come to the right place.



At the Patrician Grill, we always order what’s easiest – “the special” – three farm-fresh eggs cooked over-easy, crispy thick-cut bacon, fresh-from-the-griddle home fries, whole wheat toast and a bottomless cup of good, strong, freshly brewed java.



Proprietor Terry Papas is genuine, friendly, and definitely no-nonsense – his banter with the regulars lets you know you’re right at home in the very heart of Toronto. Along with continuing his family’s restaurant legacy, he’s a visual artist, and to that end, once each year he turns his restaurant into a gallery featuring his own handiwork.

Check out Joe Fiorito’s write up in the Toronto Star about Terry’s most recent show.

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~ Steve and the urbaneer team

The Patrician Grill

219 King Street East at Frederick Street

Tel: (416) 366-4841

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