The Mini-Manse Outcome

College Street / Little Italy

Today I’d like to share the happy conclusion of my Trinity-Bellwoods Mini-Manse listing.

To begin, I’d like you to know Joanne, my Seller of Trinity-Bellwoods Mini-Manse, is an amazing dream client. From the moment she contacted me in February to share some happy news that would necessitate the sale of her first Home, Joanne entrusted me to advise, develop and co-execute a plan of action that would enable her to confidently move into the next chapter of her life. Which says a lot, for while she was explaining all the reasons why Summer was the earliest she could sell, I was tabulating an itemized To-Do list to be completed in four weeks. Yikes! From this realtors point of view, Joanne needed to sell her house this Spring while the market remained dynamic.

Joanne worked fast. She first pared down her belongings and removed everything that wouldn’t be moving with her to her next residence. Donate, toss, give-away, sell. Gone!

Second, Joanne had most of her property’s interior walls and trim repainted. We chose a soft blue colour palette for the walls that was present in the kitchen mosaic backsplash. The colours looked fresh, refracted light, and unified the space. Painting the baseboards, windows and door casings white created a crisp clean contrast to the vintage worn floors, thereby elevating the charm of their patina.

Third, with a modest budget Joanne installed some windows coverings and new lighting to give her home a contemporary feel. She then added some home furnishing investments like carpets and fresh towels to finish the space.

Joanne’s total cost to tweek her place was just a squeak under $2800. Money well spent!

Given Joanne had removed everything off the walls for the painter, we had her leave all her art, objets and stuff laid out in one room for us to use as required. Granting us carte blanche to complete a Style Enhancement on her dwelling, we added a few key pieces of furniture, art and accessories from the headquarters and, over the course of one day we re-organized and re-presented her house. Reinterpreting her belongings in a fresh new way. we elevated the environment without compromising the very qualities that made it Home. Finally, with one huge bouquet of fresh lilies for colour and scent, the property was ready to sell.

Coming to market March 9th after a comprehensive campaign of print advertising, direct mail flyers, and online promotions, over the course of 6 days this listing generated a record-breaking 107 private appointments. As a result, Joanne had the pleasure of receiving 9 registered offers for her consideration.

Within four weeks from the decision to list to a firm sale – and a massive undertaking on Joanne’s part –  this enchanting house sold for around 122 percent of its list price. And may I say, Joanne deserves every penny of it!

Congrats Joanne!

~ Steven 

Style Enhancement Staging

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