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If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I recently moved back into my newly renovated not-quite-complete soon-to-be-swish digs in Little Italy’s converted Movie House. Click HERE for the last installment on the ‘Yucky Part of Renovation’ saga. I’d really love to begin my reveal of its spectacular transformation to you but the place remains a capital ‘D’ Disaster, in particular for the long overdue still-to-materialize kitchen which I thought I ordered in January. Fortunately I’m surviving sourcing three-meals-a-day at each of the thirty+ restaurants that are literally around the corner on College Street (ready to present each and every bill to the kitchen cabinet company I might add), along with a smattering of take out and the occasional dinner at those friends who can cook. Note to self, practice making sad puppy dog eyes to get invited over for more dinners!



But I digress.

My Movie House Loft re-do is an experiment of sorts. You see, I embarked on its renovation not with the intention of staying indefinitely, but as temporary accommodation ideal for a happy career-pathing fellow who should have a little luxe in his life. Until I build my next dream home (the hunt for the perfect city site is on!) I thought I’d try creating a dazzling bespoke boutique hotel-like pied-a-terre that would serve me well until I find my next development. This could take years, though I hope not.

Creating bespoke luxury digs isn’t entirely new to me, as my former Button Factory Loft will reveal, but this time I’ve renovated with the intention of selling this place lock, stock and barrel fully furnished! Yuppers…as in you give me money, I pack my LV suitcases, and exit leaving everything else behind…right down to the breathtaking Curtis Jere “Wavelength” sculpture I just purchased from swelegant Troy Seidman at www.Caviar20.com this week. Here’s a pic!



Isn’t it gorgeous?

While it’s not unusual for billionaires to willingly fork out megabucks to buy fully equipped yachts, planes, country homes, and penthouses chockablock with Picassos, Kirman ‘Vase’ carpets and perhaps even a 1787 Chateau Lafite, do you believe there a market for those with, ahem, a little less cash? My intuition and trendwatch says “Yes”! I think we’re heading into an era where people will be willing to pay a premium for stylish quality fully fitted residences that allow them to take occupancy without much more than their most personal prized possessions. Wouldn’t you buy a property that required absolutely nothing to do, and requiring very little to unpack?

As it turns out, I don’t have to wait to offer my own Movie House loft for sale to find out. My stellar designer clients, one of whom is a partner at home furnishings purveyor Stylegarage, are taking my counsel and offering their fresh fun Liberty Village towne for sale complete with a $45,000 furnishing package! It’s deluxe, delightful and divine at $499,000! Check it out by clicking HERE! Below is a pic of the living room!




Here’s a couple of past blog postings sharing my love for Stylegarage. Click HERE to read about the custom stair rail they made for me, and HERE for these amazing hot-rolled steel tables which you’ll see are a favourite of ours when we do our urbaneer.com Style Enhancements! Love!

If you, or anyone you know, is intrigued, captivated, or desiring a turn-key furnished pad, send them our way! We’d love to help! And seriously, don’t snooze on checking out our newest Stylegarage listing!

~ Steven

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