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Since I was seven years old I've been obsessed with housing and home. As a child I’d spend hours building houses with Lego, drawing floor plans on graph paper, and reading the few magazines at the time that featured articles on design and decorating (I'm of an age where the media as a powerful influence on culture and consumption was emerging).

By the age of ten I was asking my Dad to drive me around on weekends to tour real estate Open Houses, at which point my obsession was sufficiently entrenched that I began steering my education towards the housing economy. While few people turn their love of ‘housing and home’ into a multi-disciplinary education and profession as I have, I've been fortunate to see my career grow in tandem with our collective fascination with shelter. In my life time, the commodification of housing as a 'lifestyle market' – and a significant component of our Canadian economy – has resulted in hundreds of print 'zines and websites, multiple 24 hour loops of 'HGTV' shows, and an ever-consuming thirst for peeking behind closed doors. I certainly drank the kool-aid, even launching my Student Mentorship Site for Canadians in the Fields of Housing a few years ago called Houseporn.ca, that celebrates my quest to explore the Canadian vernacular.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new home, interesting design ideas, inspiration on how to live better, or simply in need of eye candy, indulging in the guilty pleasure of ‘houseporn’ has evolved into a universal past time. As a real estate professional, I savour the opportunity to showcase homes that are particularly outstanding. Fortunately, I don't have to look far to share one, as one of our current urbaneer.com listings is truly architecturally compelling and visually-arresting!



Located in Toronto's 'Beach Neighbourhood', 46 Herbert Avenue is a reinvented sustainable marvel that marries pragmatism with sublime design elements. Designed by German architect Felix Leicher of baukultur/ca, this Unique Architectural Masterpiece In The Beach is a stunning combination of architectural acuity, cutting-edge sustainable materials, and on-trend styling, as well as a prime example of how a well-crafted home can improve quality of life! This property deserves to be shown off!

We encourage you to embrace your inner lookieloo, and explore 46 Herbert! While high-res colour photos paint a beautiful picture, we felt this home deserved more, and so we enlisted the professional videographers at SilverHouse to tell it's story through video as well, including the quality amenities that populate it's neighbourhood! We're proud to debut the finished product for you – just click the link to the video below:


Special thanks to the videographers at SilverHouse


Can you imagine what life could be lived within these four walls?!

Offered for $2,099,000, 46 Herbert truly is a unique urban home. For one fortunate Buyer, this architectural masterpiece – boasting the ideal trifecta of a Triple AAA location, a well-proportioned 4+1bed 4.5bath space plan, exemplary finishes and a 2 year General Contractor warranty + Additional Building Component warranties  – will soon be Home Sweet Home!

Want to see more? My team and I welcome booking a private viewing! Contact steve@urbaneer.com!

~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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