Oh Sweet Hyacinth


Nothing says, or smells like spring to me like Hyacinths in bloom. The elixir of their scent makes me swoon in anticipation of fresh new beginnings. 

Each year I spend around $20 to pick up three or four pots from the corner store and transplant them into large ceramic bowls. For the couple of weeks they last I awake giddy with olfactory delight. I know, I know… I’m seduced by small pleasures in life.

There’s one more Hyacinth in my life that makes me smile. Have you ever seen the English Britcom “Keeping up Appearances”? Click on the photo of ‘Hyacinth Bucket’ (pronounced ‘Bouquet’) for a YouTube giggle.

Despite the overcast skies and nip in the air on Saturday that said that spring was a little reluctant to burst forth, this was countered on Sunday, which was glorious. Now, there are buds outside my window. In a matter of weeks the trees wrapping my terrace will be covered in bright green leaves, blocking out the ho-hum building across the street while pumping fresh oxygen through my windows.

Spring in Toronto is nothing less than glorious. In a City of four seasons, this is one of my favourites!

~ Steven


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