Oh Merida


Last month I enjoyed a poolside rest whilst visiting some Besties who recently purchased and renovated a vacation residence in Merida, Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula.

What I LOVE about Merida, and other Spanish colonial cities, is the freedom accorded property owners in how they optimize their site. Unlike North American planning principles which typically regulate the size, location, and set backs of any structures on a property parcel, including limiting the height of privacy fences between neighbours and the street, here substantial walls encase the boundaries of each property providing each owner the freedom to locate any structures and outdoor space according to the unique design and personality of its occupants. The end result ia streetscape facades which provide little indication of what lay beyond its front doors.



And here’s what might lay behind even the most unassuming facade… a 5000 square foot casa of pure indulgence!

Given I adore architectural mystery and surprise, the ability to build your fortress behind an unassuming wall has enormous appeal! Too bad it can’t translate so easily in Canada.

~ Steven


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