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Scotiabanks's Nuit Blanche is one of our favourite cultural celebrations of the year; it's a fusion of high art venues, major cultural institutions, and independent artist installations that fill four dedicated zones. This year, it takes place from sunset on Saturday, October 4th, to sunrise on Sunday, October 5th.



We especially love the way that Nuit Blanche transforms the city; streets become walkways, structures become sculptures, and shops become performance spaces. While artists endeavor to have Torontonians view the city in new and surprising ways, we most love when a space is co-opted for a use that is distinctly opposite to its normal function. For example, one of the most iconic installations from two years ago, the projection on City Hall entitled World Without Sun, took a building that normally represents regimented order and due process, and turned it into a venue for something quirky and trippy – to be enjoyed rather than endured!



If you’re frustrated by crowds, consider venturing out early in the evening or in the wee hours of the morning, when the throngs of citizens are sure to be much reduced. In addition to useful maps and installation information, the Nuit Blanche website provides a 'Where To Eat and Rest' resource, if you find yourself needing breaks throughout the evening. While the bustle can be maddening, we like to remind ourselves that it is all part of the experience; it is truly a unique feeling to be exploring the city side-by-side with so many neighbours and strangers, all with the same purpose: to experience art. 

If you’re a Nuit Blanche newbie, check out our posts from years past (here and here) for the flavour of the night. Whether you consider yourself artsy or pragmatic, we guarantee that all types will find something to love about this magical night!



We can't wait!

~ the urbaneer team

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