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For a neighbourhood to truly feel like home, it requires a few essentials. For some, that includes a welcoming cafe, while, for others, it’s the local mom n’ pop eatery that reminds you of Sunday dinners. But, if you’re a pet owner, one of the must-haves is definitely an exceptional doggie groomer and daycare that your fur baby will love. In The Beaches, that place is No Bones About It Dog Daycare And Grooming.

Located at 155 Main Street East, this full service dog care facility is truly dedicated to improving the lives of its guests. Being parents to a tiny Yorkshire Terrier, the proud owners Katie and Ryan saw the need for more socialization in the neighbourhood specifically for small dogs. As The Upper Beaches is one of the most pet-friendly neighbourhoods in Toronto, there was plenty of other small and medium-size pooches that would benefit from a local spot to make friends and get pampered. And with plenty of off-leash areas like Kew Gardens and the magnificent waterfront, No Bones not only offers a safe environment within the facility but also takes full advantage of the neighbourhood parks and beaches.



After chatting with Katie, it was very obvious that she is truly enjoying her business. I’m sure that being surrounded by cute and playful pups all day definitely helps create a happy working environment. I love watching a pack of adorable pooches playing in the two-level space behind the store counter that serves as the daycare area. There is a good amount of open space for pups to romp around, as well as designated areas for the pooch that wants to relax and take a snooze.


Image courtesy of No Bones About It


When it comes to personality, dogs are often like people – introverts and extraverts. Not every dog enjoys large groups. In fact, some socialize better one-on-one or in a small pack. No Bones Dog Daycare services are designed with that in mind. It also offers a number of options for the hours of care needed, from a full-day, a half-day to even a few hours. A great option for anyone selling a home and needs to find a safe place to leave their dog during buyer visits.


Image courtesy of No Bones About It


The grooming services are equally impressive and guaranteed to give your fur baby the VIP treatment. Whether your pooch just needs a nail trim or the full spa experience, the grooming team is high skilled in all grooming services and all canine temperaments so you know your four-legged companion will be in good hands.



No Bones About It also offers a great range of dog treats and accessories. For those who love to spoil their pup with the latest fashions, the two long racks in the retail area will offer excellent choices for any weather or occasion. The food and treat selection is something to wag about as well! You’ll find a variety of high-quality dry food and deliciously healthy treats in a range of flavours. And if that’s not enough to make the pup feel special, a new Chuck-it ball or a rubber frisbee from the toy rack is guaranteed do the trick!



We all lead busy lives and sometimes it can be difficult to give your dog the exercise and activity they require. No Bones About It is a terrific solution, especially for the littlest furry ones who what to play and have fun just as much as the big dogs.


No Bones About It
2186 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M4E 1E6
Tel. (416) 629-9286

Monday – Friday: 7:00am – 7:00pm


Can you imagine having these purrr-fect pet allies just a leisurely dog walk away from your new home in the Beaches?! The new owners of A Hide ‘N Seek Sanctuary In The Beach are going to love their new community pet day care!




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Are you on the hunt for that perfect place to share with your pooch? Do you have questions or topic ideas about caring for dogs in the city? Contact us!


~ Monika and the Urbaneer Team

Guest Writer:  Monika MacMillan, Sales Representative
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