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Queen West

This past weekend was the first weekend in Toronto where we collectively felt that spring has sprung. We could smell the earth, bear witness to bluebells and daffodils in bloom, and  liberate ourselves from multiple layers of clothing. All of us grinned ear to ear the entire weekend. There was much joy – and relief – knowing that winter has finally exited our city.


Although we weren’t buried under snow frequently this past winter, the somberness of a grey landscape and the enduring Arctic air lingered far longer than even we northerners feel prone to endure.

I, with the masses, took a stroll through a sun-kissed blue sky City on Saturday. Sauntering from my place on College Street, down along Dundas, and through Trinity Bellwoods Park, I made a pit stop to indulge in Nadège Patisserie on Queen Street West at Gore Vale, beside the park.


Fourth-generation confectioner Nadège Nourian has long been a salvation to’s palate, ever since she opened her Queen West bakery and café in 2009. It’s one of our walking destinations for indulgent sandwiches and pastries (and if you’re a regular reader you know how much of a sweet tooth we have at!



If you’re not watching your wallet, or your figure, this is a chic destination to indulge your taste buds. They also have a location in Rosedale.

Click HERE to see their elegant website!

Nadège Patisserie
780 Queen St, West,
Toronto, Ontario

~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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