My Queen West Art Crawl Finds

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Did you attend the Queen West Art Crawl this past weekend?

It's a near-annual pilgrimage for me, as I always find something I adore to add to my ever expanding collection.

This year I coveted the work of Leigh Cooney, whose paintings are colourful, witty and insightful.

Here's two of my favs. Note to self. Furniture and art combined is awesome – and great value at $350!



I purchased this sweetheart of a piece – just 6″x6″ – by artist Tony Taylor for just $40. Amazing!

It will find its home on my washroom art wall sometime soon – which you can see in this past post called Queen West Art Cache Part 2.



For my 1960s Riverdale Swell Dwell – which is in the throes of its first 'Phase One' renovation called The Tales From Tennis Crescent – I bought this enchanting 6″x36″ piece by photographer Patrick Lajoie for $225.

This is going to compliment the symphony of 60s teak I'll be installing in the Riverdale Garden Apartment.



Events like the Queen West Art Crawl give artists exposure, while providing you the opportunity to invest in their future without breaking your bank account.

What's not to love about that?

~ Steven and the urbaneer team


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