Hello, My Name Is Freakin’ Motivated

College Street / Little Italy

Back in January, I closed the sale of my Button Factory loft after thirteen years of ownership.

Click HERE for a peek at my past.

I then moved into a breath-taking 3000 square foot Vintage Annex Apartment four-month sublet:

Click HERE for a look at my Home Sweet Temporary Home.

All while embarking on a total Re-Do of my twelve-year old builder’s grade Movie House loft in Little Italy, which will soon be the new bespoke urbaneer.com HQs.

Click HERE for the last update on the Re-Do.

How’s that for Change? And can I just say I’ve been loving (nearly) every minute of it?

But then April arrived. What was a joyous exercise in the art of making pretty suddenly became a looming deadline with a zillion loose ends. I wish I could control the switch in my head, but the moment the clock struck midnight on April 1st I was overwhelmed with panic. OMG! In less than four weeks I am obliged to move into what is currently a full blown construction site. Now I’m freakin’ motivated!

There are a few things to contend with. First, my Movie House loft is about 1100 square feet spread over three levels. A sliver of a space just eleven feet wide, my two bedroom two bath loft’s most dramatic feature is its two-storey living area boasting an eighteen foot high arched window walking out to a patio. But there’s just one itsy bitsy issue. Having already acquired a substantial amount of new home furnishings as part of my Button Factory renovation, and then installing an extensive amount of custom built-ins in the Movie House re-do, I now have more belongings than space. In fact, as part of my move I have to pare down two-thirds of my belongings. Yikes!

Now I knew this home furnishing surplus was coming. The stop-gap measure of subletting a 3000sf apartment temporarily resolved my space challenge, but now the time has come to source a suitable and sizable storage room to hold all the excess stuff. And while some might lament having to pack away two-thirds of their belongings, I view it as a fantastic opportunity. These furnishings are now being offered as part of urbaneer.com’s Style Enhancement service. For those properties requiring a little property nip ‘n tuck, we’ll elevate your space with a little stylish wit and whimsy as part of our Top Notch listing package. If you’re a regular reader to my blog, you’ve already seen an example with urbaneer.com’s Trinity-Bellwoods Mini-Manse make-over!

In the interim, not only am I looking for storage facilities, but I’m on the phone to my design and construction crew to see whether the pace can be picked up to get me into the Movie House without any fuss nor muss. It needs to be painted, tiled, have the flooring done and, er, add a kitchen and install seven appliances. Arg!

Then again, who doesn’t thrive on a little madness?

Stay tuned for more of my madcap adventures Renovating The Movie House Loft!

~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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Renovating The Movie House Loft

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