Mindful Leisure At The Locke Library In Lawrence Park


A recent study out of the U.K. found that a visit to the library is a great activity to boost joy and contentment. In fact it’s higher on the list than going to the gym and gives people the same kick as getting a raise at work. The study, which looked at the ways cultural engagement affects overall wellbeing concluded that a significant association was found between frequent library use and harmonious wellbeing.

So when was the last time you visited the library? 

In today's life of instant access to the internet, e-books and online book stores like Indigo and Amazon, a trip to the library doesn’t seem as essential as it was years ago. But one of the many arguments in favour of a good old-fashioned library is the sense of place that comes with bricks and mortar, the smell of old books and the intangible element of serendipity that happens when you browse leisurely through the book stacks.



If you live in Toronto’s Lawrence Park neighbourhood, you know you’ll find this serendipity in the Locke Library, a branch of the Toronto Public Library system. Opened in 1947, this Mid-Town library was named after George Herbert Locke. He was the chief librarian of the Toronto Public Library from 1908 and shepherded it through a time of great expansion in the library system. He was also the first Canadian to be president of the American Library Association. 



There is a subtle elegance about this heritage-designated, mid-sized branch overlooking Lawrence Park, which is just a short walk from the gorgeous greenery of the Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens. The beautiful view of the park can be enjoyed from a large bay window in the lounge area, which is the perfect place to catch up on local news from the multiple newspapers and magazines at hand. For those that need to get a bit of work done – and take advantage of the free wi-fi access – the large study area in the middle of the room is ideal. And it has a stellar selection of books ranging from Fiction, Mystery, and Biography, to Science, History, and Travel. And let's not forget those essential Reference books. 



Urbaneer team member Monika visited the Locke Library the other day, wondering if a trip to the library might fuel her spontaneity. Given she craves adventure she couldn't resist the Travel section. Look what she found! When turning the pages about “Once In A Lifetime Trips”, how could you not want to plan a travel escape after reading about these dreamy spots?…



Did you read the post about Monika cooking her first steak, thanks to the lesson from The Friendly Butcher? Now that she's learning to use the stove, a visit to the library opened a whole new world to her culinary adventures!



Steps from the Friendly Butcher, the Locke Library is located at 3083 Yonge Street in the Yonge Lawrence Village which is chock full of amenities.

In fact, can you imagine spending your weekend afternoons roaming the library shelves looking for your next great read? Check out this contemporary house-in-the-sky with two terraces in 'The Lorindale' at 3130 Yonge Street, offered at $579,000 –> Living Large at Yonge and Lawrence.


~ Monika

Guest Writer:  Monika MacMillan, Sales Representative
Bosley Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage – (416) 530-1100

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